PlayPuppyThumbnail-PromosBarkley’s Bright Beginnings Puppy Program

Give your new pup a great beginning in our Bright Beginnings Puppy Program. Especially for young puppies and their new owners, this specialized Doggy Day Care program is uniquely able to give your puppy the structure, interaction, play time, nap time and TLC they need to keep their bodies and minds happy and healthy.

Barkley's Loyalty ProgramBarkley’s Loyalty Program

Are you earning cash-back rewards? Its a win-wag for everyone!

We’re unleashing savings! With Barkley’s Loyalty Program you’re treated like Royalty, plus you’ll enjoy all sorts of tail-waggin’ deals that are good for your pooch. And your pocketbook! Read more about Barkley’s Loyalty Program  or check in at your local Central Bark®.

RufferalBarkley’s Rufferal Program

It’s an Arff-ly Good Deal!

Point another pooch our way and we’ll reward you with a day – a FREE day of doggy day care at Central Bark Doggy Day Care. Next time you’re in ask for the Rufferal card, it has a coupon for you to clip. Grab a bunch and give to all your friends. When they enroll a dog at Central Bark®, you’ll get a free day of care. One new dog – one free day! Ruff-er five or more canine friends and you could win even bigger! Learn more!