Winston’s Wishes Annual Fundraiser

Added on August 8, 2016

MILWAUKEE — An event benefiting area animal rescues returned to Milwaukee last Saturday, August 6th. A local man adopting his own dog, was only the beginning.

The definition of charity is to help those in need, whether that’s people or their furry friends.

“He is the biggest baby, snuggler, couch-taker you could imagine,” said Jake Schneider, Winston’s Wishes Founder.

Three years ago, Jake Schneider adopted a dog he named “Winston,” and that was just the beginning.

“Seeing how great of a dog he was and how unbelievable it was that a family gave him up, I decided to start something to give back to the community,” said Jake.

So he created an organization called “Winston’s Wishes.” On Saturday, the organization took over Central Bark Downtown for its third annual fundraiser. All the proceeds go to nonprofit animal rescues in the area.

“It helps us to pay for training support. All of our animals in our foster care get training, spaying, neutering, shots. All of these things are very expensive,” said Olivia Schaber, Helping Pitties in the City volunteer.

“These types of organizations, these non-profits wouldn’t be able to survive without the volunteering and rescue and charity events like Winston’s Wishes,” said Dennis Malavsky, Central Bark Downtown owner.


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