Hug Your Hound Day

Added on September 7, 2016
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This year’s Hug Your Hound Day has been deemed September 11.

Originally created by Ami Moore aka the “Dog Whisperer of Chicago,” this day was founded to help remind people of how important the bond is between pet and owner.  It is a day where dog owners are encouraged to stop what they’re doing and show a little appreciation in the form of a tiny amount of affection to these animals who live their life to enrich someone else’s.

Moore is more than just Hug Your Hound Day’s founder, though.  She was trained as a Native American Medicine Woman and boasts a long list of qualifications in the world of canine behavior and problem resolution.  She is quite possibly best known for her work as a pioneer of positive reinforcement through the use of electronic dog training equipment to help motivate a dog’s natural instinct to follow a pack leader.

So, what’s the best way to celebrate Hug Your Hound Day?  First things first, give your dog a hug and show some appreciation.  Then, simply encourage others to do the same.  Take the message to social media, send some text messages and call your friends and share the knowledge.  Most importantly, Hug Your Hound Day is a day dedicated to making sure your dog is happy and healthy so spend some extended time with your pup and enjoy.

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